Sunday, April 26, 2015

An Owl For My Collection

Lori gave me this owl bank for my collection:
I love him!
She found it at a thrift store for fifty cents!
Thanks so much, Lor!
I believe he is my first Fitz and Floyd bank.
Oh, don't tell me I'm going to want to start collecting THOSE now, too?

(I asked you not to tell me that!)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Colorful Textiles

I just can't seem to resist a colorful piece of fabric, whether it's a remnant or something somebody made, it seems that if the price is right, I will pick it up!
A few examples today - this first one appears to have been a skirt in it's former life:
This is a gorgeous (and large) throw or table runner:
A friend of Lori's gave me the cute little zippered bag below, and I found the gorgeous stitched piece at a thrift store:
Someone did some pretty cross-stitching on this pillow case:
And more pretty needlework here on this sweet tea towel:
I love the bright flowers on this fabric:
And I couldn't resist this one either, in a different color combination:
Remnants can always be used to make pillows, and sometimes I find enough to use as a small table cover.
Add a spot of color to your home, for very little money.
Sounds like a good plan to me!

Friday, April 24, 2015

What's Penny Wearing? #114 A Dress From Simplicity Pattern #5371

Penny is sporting some eyelet trim this morning........
She's wearing an old dress of mine from the 1970's, which I'm pretty positive was made from this pattern:
I found a copy of the pattern at a thrift store - and I thought it looked familiar.
With no eyelet placed along the bottom portion of the bodice, and the elastic left out of the sleeves, I feel sure it is the same.
This dress was actually one that Lori made for me (I paid her to sew for me when we were in high school because she was better at it than me).
I wore it when I worked as a waitress at Sierra Nevada House III in Coloma, California.
 I would have had an apron on over it - had to have pockets for my ticket book and pencil!
(Please click here to go back and read my post about the Sierra Nevada House.)
It was the first job I had, after babysitting. My friend Karen trained me as a waitress.
She was very good at her job, and I'm so glad I learned from the best because I did it for a long time.
You know, I do surprise even myself, sometimes with some of the things I have saved.
 I mean, I wore this more than forty years ago, and it definitely no longer fits!
Full length view of the long version on the pattern:
And a full length view of mine on Penny:
The back of the pattern:
A close-up on the top:
And one more view of one of the patterns:
Isn't it a cute fabric?
I'm planning to do another post as soon as I can in which I will show you some of the other waitress uniforms I wore back in the day - at a different restaurant, in a different town!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Little Bit Of Vera

Well, the pickins' have been slim for me lately, as far as Vera Neumann finds are concerned.
But I did find this nice, unused daisy pot holder and a pillowcase the other day:
And I also found these little painted wooden Christmas napkin rings:
I picked up the plastic bag that held them, just to get a closer look,
and I was very surprised to see the little "Vera" labels!
"Made in Taiwan"...hmmmm - I wonder WHEN these were made?
I already had the Vera Christmas cloth napkins, which I picked up a while back.
I think they look very nice together.
I thought it was kind of funny that I only had seven of the napkins, and how many napkin "rings" do you suppose there were?
That's right: seven.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Once Upon A Time in Placerville No. 17: Corner of Main and Sheridan Streets

Good morning. Tina here. Here is another post about a piece of Placerville history lost. I actually don't remember when this house was torn down, I think it was in the 80's. It was just East of three little cabins across from the Placerville Fruit Growers Association, one cabin is now Sierra Glass Works, a cute little shop to peruse for a birthday present. The photo below is looking at the home from across Sheridan.

The lot it was on still sits empty. Wouldn't it have been better if someone had rescued the home and maybe even lived in it?

Think of the great view the owner would have of the Wagon Train Parade!

And instead of being in the "Once Upon a Time" posts, I could have put in in the "Past is Present in Placerville" posts.

So sad...

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Bull

Tuesday, April 21st, and time for me to switch to the next page on my vintage Zodiac calendar.
Because a little bit of bull never hurt anybody (or then again, perhaps it has....):
 Taurus The Bull - the artwork on this calendar that I am planning/hoping to show you each time I flip to a new page is by Bruce and Ann Butte, and, as you can see, my calendar is from 1970:
I have fun trying to find little things to clip on up above each "month", because this hanger is the only thing that works for me to use to hold it.
I LOVE this colorful artwork so much!

Monday, April 20, 2015

A Change Of Scene

I have a little announcement of sorts today.
I am moving into a new space at a shop in Jamestown, California.
A. Flowers is located at 18190 Main Street in Jamestown:
I have only started to move in; I have much more to do!
You can see some of my merchandise for sale in these few photos.

The owner does a lovely job of displaying all of her beautiful wares, ( as seen in the following four photos - but there is much more!):
She makes jewelry and also fabulous paper crafts, tags, cards, etc.
These adorable birdhouses are also offered for sale:
I am loving these gorgeous wooden flowers she has, also!
If you're ever in the area, please pop in and have a look around.
It really is a wonderful shop!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Color Wheels

Just a spot of color for you today, in the form of various color wheels I have found in some of my vintage books.
And I know I should have written down where I got them, but I didn't, and I'm sorry.
I just enjoy looking at them:
And so I thought perhaps you would, too!
Have a colorful day.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Peter Max Stamp

I have written before about how much I love these postage stamps designed by Peter Max:
"Preserve The Environment" for Expo '74, they are colorful and fabulous.
The first day of issue for these stamps was exactly forty-one years ago today, so I thought I would share a few fantastic first day covers I discovered on eBay.
Let's start with The Beatles and Abbey Road, because it's my favorite!
This one is pretty cool, too:
And I love the combination of pink and orange together, so I am rather fond of this one, as well:
I felt the need to throw in this first-day cover, which was actually for the Jimi Hendrix stamp - but they added my two faves to it, Peter Max AND the Robert Indiana Love stamp!
 Love it:

Give me some colorful Peter Max artwork any day of the week......

.....I'll take it and RUN!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Birds Of A Feather

They say "Birds of a feather flock together", right?
Well these two fabulous vintage birds are at least sitting together on my shelf:
They make quite the pretty pair, these two recent acquisitions for my bank collection:
I do not know what type of birds they are meant to be (don't care, either, actually - they're fabulous so it matters not to me), but they look as proud as peacocks!
And I was as happy as a lark to find them!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Little Pooh Books

I just could not resist this little miniature library of Winnie The Pooh books when I saw it at a thrift store:
 "Pooh's Pot o' Honey", by A. A. Milne, a set of four little books in a slipcase, published by E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc. in 1974.
 WAY too cute to leave behind, especially since I already have my treasured little "Nutshell Library" of Maurice Sendak books, which I have written about before.
 I love Pooh and his friends; they have the sweetest little stories!
 And, of course, they feature the wonderful artwork of Ernest H. Shepard:
Besides, little bitty books don't take up much room at all.
(I have one other little set of books I have owned since the 1970's that I don't believe I have written about yet - I promise to show you those one of these days, as well.)