Thursday, July 2, 2015

String Art Christmas Tree

This is my first post for July (Tina posted yesterday), so it's going to be a "Christmas in July" one for you today.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I spied this groovy vintage String Art Christmas Tree Kit from Hazel's Kaboodles at a thrift store!
Below, you see a photo of what the completed kit will look like:
Totally digging it!
Mine actually looks like this:
 Someone started it, as you can see here:
And here is one more photo of the finished product, framed:
Pretty cool, huh?
As much as I love it, I haven't decided yet whether I am going to try to finish it myself or sell it!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Celebrating July with Vintage 4th of July Postcards

Good morning Tina here.  It is too hot to think, so I am going to let others from about 100 years ago think for me, and you can enjoy some old images, as we check out vintage postcards with 4th of July greetings.
Most of these manage to cram in as much patriotism as they can without leaving out some firecrackers! We can't have fireworks in El Dorado County (which although missed is a very good thing!) so I will just enjoy the idea of them through these postcards.
The demure little girl below seems very sweet and into the 4th without fireworks... wait, what is that
down on the left? Even she has some excitement going.
A little boy below enjoys sparklers, which was one of the few fireworks we Gold Country Girls enjoyed when we were young. How fun to write your name with them! I love how the little boy with the hat is helping the bob-haired girl with her shooter.
Snakes were the other fireworks we loved. Daddy would find a nice flat, smooth river rock and light a small tablet with a match, and the snake would rise out of the stone like magic.
Once in a while we would have a bigger display, something that spun or spit sparks with a bit more power, or maybe even went up into the air some.  That was rare though.
Maybe we would have had a bit more going on if we had had some impish brothers... I have no idea what a spit-devil is, but I don't think I would have liked it much.
Just remember to be kind to animals and maidens, and if we had had impish brothers, they might have gotten an old fashioned spanking.
Enjoy your July!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What's Penny Wearing? #119 Vintage And Thrifted Things To Wear

First of all today, we have Penny modeling a nice green top I found at a thrift store.
 It has embroidered, colorful polka dots all over it:
It's made out of a heavy-duty cotton.
The skirt , below, is vintage (and also "thrifted"), made by "Alice Of California" according to the label:
A wrap-around skirt in bright, fluorescent colors, made of rayon.
It would be perfect to throw on over a swimsuit.
I think it may have had a button - but I was able to make it work on Penny without one:
(Those colors are VERY bright!)
The blouse in the next pictures is one I have had since the 1970's.
I don't think I ever wore it - it looks brand new!
Gingham with flowers, and colorful embroidery; it even has eyelet trim!
And I have no idea why I never wore it, because it's exactly the type of thing I loved to wear back then:

I've also had this little jacket since the 70's:
Now this one, I DID wear, but it still looks nice.
I love the floral print down the front that also lines the hood:
And then, here are two more thrift finds - first up a gorgeous fringed shawl in the most beautiful colors!
And then, last of all, we have this purple rayon beauty with lovely open work flowers along the neckline....
 ... which just happens to look very pretty with one of my vintage Vera Neumann scarves!
 And that's all for today, folks, because Penny is tired of modeling and needs a little break.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Neat Vintage Department Store Gift Boxes

 Department stores used to provide some seriously cool gift boxes back in the day. (I'm sure some still do - but I shop at thrift stores now, remember?)
Joseph Magnin, I. Magnin, Liberty House, Weinstock's - they aren't even around anymore. These stores used to be inside some of the malls in the Sacramento area, and I always enjoyed going to the mall.
 I still do - it's just that I seldom make it into one more than once a year, these days. And I am not a big spender.
I have saved a few of these great vintage gift boxes for many years.
The first one I'm showing you is from Joseph Magnin, circa 1976.
I have been using it to store things ever since then; it was certainly too special to discard:
The next one is also from Joseph Magnin, either 1975 0r 1976:
I have old letters and cards stored in it.
The one you see below is from Christmas 1975, from Joseph Magnin, as well - the stars are on the top of the box, and the stripes you see are on the sides of the bottom of the box.
 I love the pink and green combination!
 This is a big box, a robe came inside:
(I store Christmas ornaments inside of that one.)
And here, below, is an even older Joseph Magnin box - a hat box. You see these fairly often at antiques shops (at least I have).
I've only got the one:
 And here's another hat box, below - this one from Macy's.
My mother-in-law had one of her favorite hats inside this one, and I think it's from the early 1960's:
 The stripes in the picture above are on the sides of the box, and in the next photo you see the entire top of the box.
Macy's stores in the bay area are depicted in some of the drawings, along with iconic landmarks:
 The last one I am sharing today is my most recent acquisition.
I spied it WAY up on top of a cabinet at an antiques shop in Jamestown, California.
 I knew right away that it was a vintage box, from the 1970's, I figured.
I told Lori,"That's a vintage box from Joseph Magnin, I can just tell be looking at it."
It was up so high that I would have needed a stepstool or ladder to get to it myself.
And the cashier was busy.
So I kind of hung around and waited until a tall gentleman was nearby.
He was kind enough to get it down for me.
I wish I knew who the artist was who designed this - I just love it:
Could have been John Alcorn - I'm not sure how I would ever find out:
Once I looked inside, guess what I found?
Yes, just as I expected, it was indeed from Joseph Magnin, but dated 1968!
Even earlier than I thought.
I brought it home and promptly filled it up with hats, and now it is back up high on a shelf where I have to get a stepstool to reach it...
but the difference is that I get to look at it every day.
And I'm so glad that somebody else liked it well enough to keep it in good condition all of these years, and so that I could find it and enjoy it, and add it to my small collection.
Because vintage gift boxes like these are SO cool - and useful, too!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

So, We Got A New Refrigerator......

.....  and by "we", I mean myself and this little lady, here:
 It is far from perfect, and it needed to be cleaned up a little,
 (I handled that):
I just happened to have some cute vintage floral Contact paper on hand that worked perfectly to line the shelves
 (they were dark and rusty and not at all attractive!)
 How cute is this as a little cupboard for spices?
 We are both especially fond of the graphics on the inside of the refrigerator door:
"She" would have preferred one that was a little bigger (my real refrigerator is taller than I am, after all).
But this one will do quite nicely.
(Oh - I stuck that floral oilcloth in there first, before I found the contact paper!)
Between you and me, the inside of the door was totally what sold me on it.
The sink and stove you see below came with it, too,
 but it was really just the fridge I wanted;
 it's in the best shape of the three.
As you can see, there's a door missing under the sink.
 I think I might add a little skirt there, and they're in kind of rough condition, too.
But I still think they're kind of cute.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Vintage Wranglers From Seventeen Magazine

As I often do, I am revisiting a subject today. When I find more vintage advertisements for a particular product, even if I have already written a post on the subject, I feel the need to do another ( and even a third, if I'm in the mood!)
Today, we have vintage ads for Wrangler jeans and sportswear.
All of these gals are looking "behind" them.......
"You have to look for the "W" because it's silent".
Keep looking, ladies.......
Let's find that darned "W".....
I don't see it!
I think these cowgirls all dressed in white found it; they're actually from an ad for Avondale fabrics, featuring Wrangler sportswear:
Those ads were all from the 1960's.
Now, here we are in the 70's, and "Wrangler thinks Americans spend too much for clothes."
And "Wrangler thinks Americans should get what they pay for".
I think that's very thoughtful.
And they're "doing something about it".
By this time, they had adopted their new slogan,
"Wremember the "W" is silent."
(Please see my previous Wrangler post, here, if you are interested.)