Friday, November 21, 2014


Just some turkeys for you today!
First up - this cutie by illustrator John Alcorn, from The Fireside Book Of Songs. I love this one:
A Hallmark honeycomb turkey package, found this year at a thrift store.
 He's a cute little guy, too::
I found this book at a rummage sale downtown. Couldn't resist it:
 This placemat below is another vintage Hallmark item:

And here's a turkey on the table:
From "The Modern Family Cookbook" by Meta Given, published in 1953.
I love turkey; I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving!
We always get a huge one so that we will have plenty of leftovers.
Less than one week away.........

Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Junkee" Jewelry

Lori and I got to spend a wonderful weekend with a friend in Sparks and Reno, Nevada.
One of my favorite stops that we made  (in Reno) was the Junkee Clothing Exchange, a delightful shop that carries "Recycled Clothing and Affordable Antiques".
Check out their cool marquee:
The jewelry display in one of the glass cases in the store is the most fabulous array I have EVER seen.
I loved the vintage clocks, too:
 Bangles and bracelets and brooches:
 Such a beautiful, colorful array:
 Seriously - I was enthralled with this display.
I simply HAD to try and snap some photos.
I told one of the gals who worked there that I could stand there and stare at it all day!
 Glorious vintage jewelry in virtually every color of the rainbow!
Whoever created this arrangement is surely a very talented person, and they certainly do have some seriously gorgeous pieces for sale!
I couldn't get a name or a booth number out of the people. Just walk in the door on the "antiques" side of the store, and go straight back and to the left.
 I'm sorry my pictures aren't that great.
But I think you get the general idea.
It was splendid, to say the very least.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce Mixer at the Cary House, Placerville

As the 2014 El Dorado Rose I get to attend many fun events. One of those is the monthly Chamber Mixer. This month, last night in fact, it was held at the Cary House Hotel on Main Street in Placerville.

Suzanne, Anita and I dressed in our finery and enjoying some of the great food.

Hubby comes along when he can, he always seems to know more people than I do, and he likes the food and the large assortment of beer to choose from!

Last night I enjoyed delicious bread pudding, done the old fashioned way, with whipped cream on top, very nicely prepared potato wedges with ranch dressing, scrumptious meatballs with marinara sauce, and a few other treats. There were more desserts but I stuck to the bread pudding.

We had great music, the banjo payer works at the motel. I unfortunately did not get the name of the group. They were rocking!

Below, my friend Leslie.

And my friend Mimi. She recently lost her husband Henry, who grew up in Placerville and went to El Dorado High School a few years before the Gold Country Girls. Rest in peace, Henry, you are missed.

When it was time to leave, I had to stop for a minute and enjoy the stained glass windows that my friend Wendy designed and made for the lobby. I was lucky to be able to take classes from her about 25 years ago. Unfortunately the stained glass piece I made, of tulips, fell from a window one stormy day and was broken beyond repair.

Above, the covered wagon depicts summer, about the only time of year to really try to cross the Sierras.

Winter, and deer drinking at the not-quite-frozen river.

Fall (sorry for the flash reflection) with the geese heading south and a patchwork of fields.

Cool green spring and a rainbow. This always reminds me of the Cold Springs area.

If you get a chance to visit the Cary House, whether to spend the night or visit their new gift shop (to open soon) you should take it!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tarot Cards

I found a  really nice (and complete) vintage deck of Tarot cards at a thrift shop:
I couldn't believe it when I spied them in a box with a bunch of regular, nondescript playing cards:
The label on the box?
 "Decks of Cards  25c".
Now, that's the kind of price I like!
I have been hoping to find some for a good while.
I don't know how to do a reading or anything like that.
I didn't buy them to USE them, necessarily.
I just like the colorful artwork on them!
Oh, and, well - I knew they were worth more than a quarter!
I see these same cards have sold on eBay for more than one hundred times what I paid for them .
And I was rather happy to bring them home.
(This particular set was "designed by Pamela Colman Smith under the instruction of Arthur Edward Waite",
 and was published by University Books, Inc.
Original price $5.00)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Milton Glaser Artwork On The Cover Of Life Magazine

I found this little "treasure" at Mountain Treasures in Sonora (where we have our booth).
I love the Milton Glaser artwork on the cover of this Life Magazine from 1967:
That's it - I simply think it's fabulous and I wanted to share it with you.
I am hoping that I can frame this, somehow.
It was sold "as is" - already removed from the magazine, so putting it into a frame would be perfect, if I can find one that is large enough to hold it!
Definitely worthy of being on display.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Holiday Help From Betty Crocker's Party Book

I found another copy of this great little book at a thrift store a couple of weeks ago. I already have one in my collection, so this one will be going to the shop:
Here's a cute illustration of a family at the Thanksgiving table, along with a suggested menu:
A recipe for Frozen Pumpkin Pie:
A lovely table setting, complete with a gilded centerpiece, for which they give instructions in the book:
(I'll pass on those lima beans, if it's all the same to you. Never have liked 'em.)
This Tom Turkey doesn't look too happy finding that hatchet in his path!
And here's a pretty picture of some really nicely decorated cookies for Christmas:
 And a nicely decorated Christmas treat table, too:
Cute stuff.
Thank you, Betty Crocker!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Models Revisited Susan Dey

Here I am with yet another post dedicated to the lovely Susan Dey, who was one of my favorite models back in the 1970's.
First up, here she is on the cover of Simplicity Fashion News:
And next, in an advertisement for "The Red Eye", from Seventeen Magazine:
Another from the fashion pages of Seventeen:
Sporting that western look:
Rockin' a scarf:
And a fringed vest - with another scarf:
The next two were from an advertisement for Samsonite and Bobbie Brooks (clothing). Cute clothes!
I would like one of those pink Samsonite bags, please.......
And yes, I'm at it again with the snapping photos of the TV screen - here she is, below, in an episode of The Partridge Family.
I really enjoyed watching this show again while it was on a while back. I recorded as many of them as I could, and I think I may still have a few that I need to watch yet!
 I enjoy seeing the fashions of "the day" worn by Miss Dey on the show:
Here she is with her sister Leslie Dey, from a Seventeen article:
And that is all for today.
I'd imagine I will do another post about her in the future, but I have some other favorite models that I will also "revisit" first!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Disney's Little Golden Books

I have been collecting vintage Disney Little Golden Books for quite some time.
So, when I saw this beautiful new book by Charles Solomon at Disneyland this past summer, I had to get it!
"The Art Of The Disney Golden Books"......
It's a GORGEOUS book, and the perfect addition to go along with my collection!
I also have other books about these wonderful vintage books for children, including Warman's Field Guide.
I've written about the guides before.
And I found the completely blank Little Golden Book you can also see below at a thrift store. I don't know anything about those. I imagine they were made so that a child (or adult!) could create their own little book?
 Cool idea.
You can see four of the great vintage Little Golden Books in this vintage advertisement, below:
 I happen to have those four, also - as you can see in my photo below - but I'm afraid I had to pay more than fifty cents for mine:
But that's only because I didn't have a package coupon from 3-Minute Oats to send in back in the 1960's to get them......
Inside this edition of Tomart's Disneyana from 1996, they have pages showing all (or most?) of the Disney Little Golden Books that had been published up until that time:
  Here is a scan of the first page of them shown in the magazine:
Here is a photo of some of mine:
I don't have every single one, but I do have most of them (only a portion of my collection is shown - I couldn't quite handle laying all of them out like that - but you get the idea, I would imagine?)
So, perhaps you can understand why I felt that I needed to have this book....

I truly did.
And, by the way - it cost me nothing, since I purchased it with what I love to call my "Free Disney Money" (rewards points earned by using the Disney Chase Visa Card.)
 It just doesn't get much better than that.